Potty Training Made Easier

Potty Training your toddler can be a daunting task for any parent, much less one who has a disability.  When I started training my son during the day, I’d lead him to the bathroom every twenty to thirty minutes so there wouldn’t be the inevitable accident most parents dread.  This went on until he got into a routine and no longer needed supervision.  I was so proud that not only did he gain a bit more independence from me but, that was less time I had to worry about changing diapers. Step one was complete.  The next phase was night time training. This was something I wasn’t looking forward to in the least.  I’d been told stories about how I’d be changing sheets at 3 o’clock in the morning and having extra loads of laundry to look forward to.  Needless to say this  wasn’t appealing to me at all.  At the same time, I knew I’d have to take the bull by the horns sooner or later and pretty much conquer the unknown.

We started the journey of night time training by implementing the idea of using the bathroom before nap time.  My idea was not to inundate him with the full transition all at once.  I also took an extra step and bought a plastic mattress cover that I placed underneath the sheets.  Then, we made a trip to the store and I bought extra underwear along with a few extra sets of pajamas.  Surely, I thought to myself,  this was going to equal so many more loads of laundry than is normally the case.  While going through the aisles, I stumbled upon Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats.  I decided to give them a try and put them on top of my son’s sheets to see what would happen.  I figured at the very least, they might save me from doing some extra laundry.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the few times I needed to change them (yes, and it was at 3 in the morning), they were absorbent and did not even wet  down to the sheets in the slightest.  It’s not generally been my habit in the past to use my posts to review products, or endorse one thing or another either way, however, I feel I’d be doing readers a disservice if I didn’t attempt to give tips to parents who are both disabled and not disabled on ideas that might help getting through these milestones a bit easier.

Because of the limited use of my hand, I found changing the pad, instead of changing his sheets to be fast and easy.  One pointer I can think of is to be careful when you are initially putting a pad on the sheets.  The adhesive side of the pads are super sticky so be prepared to immediately put it down on the mattress.  If not, it’s possible that it will stick together.  This could be an unnecessary headache, especially at 3 in the morning.  The only extra suggestion I have as far as using this product would be to buy a few packs at a time, at least in the beginning.  In the end, this product has made the experience an even easier task to tackle then I originally thought it would be.  It’s also made the transition for my son to be fully toilet trained faster than expected.  As a result, he has become even more independent than before, and wakes up dry every morning.  This makes both of us proud that we’ve conquered yet another goal together with shining success.

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training Made Easier

  1. Thanks for sharing your feedback on Goodnites disposable bed mats. I’m going to check it out.

    • weiland613 says:

      You’re very welcome. I found them to be more helpful than I thought they’d be. Thanks for the comment. Please consider “liking” my facebook page and following my Twitter. I’m trying to post information that will benefit different groups of people. Any suggestions of things you’d like to know about or questions are welcome.

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